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Thanks to the hard driving of my buddy @WxMstr yesterday, we got back in front of this storm in Nara Visa, NM just in time to watch this supercell with stunning sunset colors and lightning. Got to time-lapse this for over 30 minutes…glad we didn’t miss it! #nmwx #stormhour

#Tornado #History! Springfield, IL F4 Tornado – June 14, 1957! 4.3 mile path. Property damage was estimated at $3 million; 25 homes were destroyed and 175 others badly damaged. There were 2 fatalities and 50 injuries. #ilwx

#weatherpicofday a monstrous high precip (HP) tornadic supercell ingests northwestern Texas red dirt from bare cotton & oil fields near the community of Haskell on 13 June 2009. Deep inside a large rain-wrapped tornado is causing EF2 damage.
w/ @JustonStrmRider

Tracy, MN F5 #Tornado – June 13, 1968! 13 mi. path. 13 farms, 10 businesses destroyed. 110+ homes major damage. 9 killed. Per @StarTribune, the force of this tornado lifted a boxcar from the tracks & moved it 1-1/2 blocks into a residential section. #mnwx

#OTD in 1976: An F4 tornado crossed parts of the suburbs, southwest of Chicago, #ilwx killing 3 people. The tornado ripped the roof off an Argonne National Laboratory reactor. #wxhistory

#weatherpicofday a cone tornado backlit by the warm glow of sunset on this date, 15 years ago, near Rock, KS on 4 June 2004. This spectacular cyclic supercell produced several tornadoes across south-central Kansas.
w/ @StormgasmJim
Mark McGowan
& Kyle Mozley

I would be remiss to not mention that today is the 15-year anniversary of the 6/12/04 Mulvane, KS #tornado. I had not the greatest view and shot not the greatest video with not the greatest camcorder... I was in my early 20s and fairly new to chasing. Who else was there?

#OTD two years ago, one of the craziest tornado intercepts of my life near Carpenter, Wyoming. Tracked this tornado starting near Grover, Colorado into Wyoming and then filmed 3 more tornadoes as the storm tracked into Nebraska

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