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Beautiful Ft. Stockton tube about to merge and dissolve into the forward flank. Shot this one just as a chunky hailstone exploded on the road. Absolutely can’t stand being in big hail, but there was no other way to view it between terrain & limited road options. May 17th. #txwx

LaPlace, LA F4 #Tornado – Dec 6, 1983! Hit the Belle Pointe subdivision. Several homes had foundations swept clean. Not F5 because the walls were nailed to the foundation, not bolted. Significant damage to East St. John High School. #lawx @NWSNewOrleans

#BestoftheDecade #stormphotos

Category: Tornado
Year: 2014
Location: Wakefield, Nebraska

One of several tornadoes on this epic chase day that was also highlighted by the Pilger Twin tornadoes

Top #Tornado Events of the Past #Decade! The Joplin, MO EF5 ! This devastating event occurred on May 22, 2011. Path length = 22.1 mi. Width up to 1 mile. ~7000 homes destroyed. 158 people were killed, 1000+ injured. Summary via @NWSSpringfield - #mowx

While we've been talking winter weather this week, tornadoes can, and do happen around here in the winter. On this date in 1975, a strong twister struck parts of Tulsa, with 3 others in eastern #OKwx.

One of my big projects is using high resolution satellite imagery like in @googleearth to update & fix errors in the #MiddleTennessee #tornado database. Here’s a recent example from 10/18/2007 in Stewart County, TN: official path length is 0.67 miles, actual is 7.25 miles! #tnwx

#OTD (12-5) in 1953: The Vicksburg, MS F5 #Tornado. 7 mi. path. 1200 left homeless. 17 industrial plants destroyed. 38 fatalities including 5 children watching a movie at the Saenger Theatre when it was destroyed. Our summary (w/archived podcast): #mswx

A waterspout formed as the USS Gerald R. Ford traveled in the Atlantic Ocean on Dec. 4, 2017. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Martin Widenhouse. #wxhistory

Top #Tornado Events of the Past #Decade! We are listing these in order of when they occurred but if we were ranking them, I believe this would be the #1 event of the past decade: The April 2011 Super Outbreak. Image via @mapgirl18 w/ @USTornadoes (1/6)

Centralia, MO F2 #Tornado – Dec 4, 1956! 3 barns destroyed, at least one home unroofed. 8 other homes damaged. No fatalities or injuries reported. Newspapers reported that a family was trapped in a damaged home but managed to escape without injury. #MOwx

#OTD (12-4) in 1955: A quick-hitting #tornado struck near Brownsville, SC. Official rating: F2. @sigtor2019 has F3 rating. 2 homes destroyed. Several barns/sheds severely damaged. Debris from the homes was scattered for about 2 miles. @mlgriffinWX1 #scwx

Been a while since I posted this one......#UnionPacific 7698 blasts eastbound with an anticyclonic supercell train on its six near Sidney, NE. @UnionPacific #WeatherPicOfDay #NEWx #StormHour #Nebraska #Train #Locomotive

Meteorologist Cleveland Abbe was born #OnThisDay in 1838. He inaugurated a public weather service that served as a model for today's @NWS. #wxhistory #NWS150

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