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Today is the 1 year anniversary of the #Dunrobin #tornado that hit just after 5pm. There were a total of about 5 tornadoes in the #Ottawa outbreak this day. Amazingly no one died. Dunrobin was rated EF3, borderline EF4 and the Ottawa one was rated a high end EF2.

There are only 6 weeks left to register for the 2019 Indiana Storm Chaser's convention! Come learn about severe weather, storm chasing, and what you should do after a damaging storm moves through. Head to now to reserve your seat! #severewx #tornado #Indy

#OTD (9-21) in 2005: An F2 #tornado along with downburst winds caused tremendous damage from Coon Rapids to Blaine, MN. 10 homes were severely damaged. A woman was injured when blown from the upper story of her home into a tree. #mnwx

#OldPhotoFriday - The Hesston, KS Tornado! One of 2 #tornadoes given a rating of F5 during the March 13, 1990 outbreak. Hard to believe this event happened 29 years ago! Image via the @NWSWichita summary. #kswx #tornadohistory

#weatherpicofday a massive, convective, rotating wall cloud fed by an equally impressive tail cloud (right) charges toward Perkins, OK on 11 May 2017. Baseball-sized hail stones are visible (white midair dots), & a tornado soon developed after this pic.
w/ @JustonStrmRider

#OTD (9-20) in 2000: An F4 hits Xenia, OH! Damaged some of the same areas hit in 1974. Path of 9 mi. ~250 homes/40 businesses damaged or destroyed. Cars thrown from the Highway 35 bypass into ditches. 100 injuries, 1 fatality. #ohwx @OhioHistory @NWSILN

#OTD (9-19) in 1947: An F3 #tornado struck Apalachicola, FL. Per @sigtor2019 - there were 100 injuries, 2 deaths. Path = 3 mi. 27 homes destroyed. Per Dec 1947 @MonWeaRev - 161 tornadoes reported in 1947. This one was considered "most disastrous". #flwx

Ramping up to @MChasercon on Saturday Oct 26th @ScienceMusofVA. @AKQMet5 and @boyerweather will be doing a joint presentation on the Sept 17th 2018 tornadoes from #Florence. Grab your advance ticket ( & come join us!! More info at

#OTD in #MonWeaRev history: Hurricane Beulah makes landfall and produces 115 tornadoes, a record until Hurricane Ivan (2004) with 120.

Orton, R., 1970: Tornadoes associated with Hurricane Beulah on September 19–23, 1967. Mon. Wea. Rev., 98, 541–547,

#weatherpicofday large rain-wrapped, ground-scraping wall cloud from a striated 'beast' supercell near Mission, SD on 13 July 2009. Could be a big tornado under there - not sure - several were reported, but we couldn't confirm, very rural prairie.
w/ @JustonStrmRider

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