January 12, 1975 – Longest Path for the Day

The longest path for the day is 168.5 miles from an F2 tornado in FL & GA in 1975.  Note:  The SPC/NCDC record has this has a continuous path.  In his research for Significant Tornadoes (1680-1991), Thomas Grazulis states that this was more than likely a family of tornadoes.

Per the entries in the NCDC Database, the tornadoes pressed through parts of Bay, Calhoun and Jackson Counties, FL and then into Seminole, Mitchell and Worth Counties in GA.  

Within the summary other counties where mentioned:  Decatur and Turner.  When you plot the coordinates, the path(s) would go into those counties.  SE Dougherty County is not mentioned but the path is close to that area.

The max width was 100 yards.  There were 33 injuries reported and 1 fatality.  A baby, only a week old, was killed in a mobile home Northeast of Panama City.

The imagse of the narratives above found in NCDC Storm Events Database and was extracted from the historical 1/1975 Storm Data Publication.

Found on Newspapers.com
Found on Newspapers.com



The Storm Prediction Center

NCDC Storm Events Database

1/1975 Storm Data Publication


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