Tornado warnings: this year and year’s past

We posted a photo on our twitter feed showing the last time a tornado warning was issued by NWS office. When I was looking through the graphic, I noticed something very interesting – the last time NWS Eureka, CA issued a tornado warning was over 14 years ago. I poked around SPC’s database to find more information, and thus, this Funnel Feature was born!

Let’s take a look at when the last time a tornado warning was issued by NWS office. While we are at it, let’s also check out how many tornado warnings have been issued by NWS office this year, using graphics found from IEM:



Let’s briefly continue the discussion about NWS Eureka’s County Warning Area (CWA). They have only had 5 tornadoes since 1950 (per SPC’s tornado database) within their CWA. Most of these tornadoes were rated F-0, but there was 1 F-1 and 1 F-2. The latest tornado that occurred in their CWA was on December 5, 1998.

With this being said, Hawaii is also another state that sparked my interests, as they haven’t issued a tornado warning in 9 years. According to SPC’s database, they have had 41 tornadoes since 1950, 4 of which were EF2’s. This year, they have issued 0 tornado warnings. Below are a few maps that were generated showing where the tornadoes have occurred since 1950 using data found in the Storm Prediction Center’s Tornado Database.



One last notable CWA is Hastings, Nebraska. If you refer to the photo above with the number of tornado warnings issued by CWA for this year, you’ll see that they have issued zero tornado warnings. This is fairly interesting due to the fact that they’re in the heart of tornado alley.

This Funnel Feature was written by: Brandon Molyneaux on 7/28/17


Sources: SPC, IEM