December 6, 1983 – Largest Width for the Day

The largest tornado width for the day was 500 yards from an F3 tornado that crossed through Dallas County, AL in 1983.  The tornado was on the ground for 19 miles. One fatality and 19 injuries are attributed to this event.  

When plotting the track, based on the coordinates it ends just over the county line in Autauga County.  No damage is mentioned in this county that could be found.

Per the NWS Summary, the tornado touched down near Alabama Highway 22 just west of Selma.  The fatality occurred when the brick and concrete block wall of an apartment caved in on the couch where the victim was sleeping.  Seven students at Selma University were injured when the roof and parts of the second floor of their dorm were destroyed.  30-40 vehicles were destroyed at a new car dealership.

Dec 6, 1983 largest Width

The image of the narrative above found in NCDC Storm Events Database and was extracted from the historical 12/1983 Storm Data Publication.

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The collapsed wall of the apartment building where a Selma man was killed.

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