Highly Deviant Supercell Motion

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As mentioned in my previous blog on the 1997 Central Texas tornado outbreak,  a question still frequently asked is why the storm system moved toward the south-southwest for over 3.5 hours. In the aftermath of the 1997 events, this question (including the influence of the gravity wave) has led me to hours and hours of […]

Central Texas Outbreak of 5-27-97

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More than two decades after the event, some aspects of the 1997 F5 tornado at Jarrell, Texas remain enigmatic. One of the frequent questions concerns the unusual south-southwest movement of the parent supercell and the tornado. I have been working on these issues and will be sharing that information here in this and a subsequent […]

The Waco Tornado – May 11, 1953

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Warm and humid weather prevailed across Central Texas on the morning of May 11, 1953. The day before had been muggy and the day before that, too. The headline in the local newspapers was about a tornado in far-off Minnesota and Wisconsin the day before. At mid-morning the forecaster at the Weather Bureau office in […]

Austin, TX Tornadoes of May 4, 1922

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On May 4th, 1922, an unusual weather event occurred in Austin, Texas. Two different tornadoes developed within minutes of each other, initially six to seven miles apart, but with tracks that ultimately were parallel and only about three miles apart. Both tornadoes moved from north-northeast toward the south-southwest. Twelve people died and more than fifty […]