Tornado Talk is a dynamic, information packed website devoted to tornado history!  The site contains over 1000 maps and graphs showing daily tornado stats.  There are over 400 event summaries.  These write-ups go in depth on the details about a specific tornado event and the communities involved.  Get Hooked on Tornado History with Tornado Talk!


Jennifer Narramore

Owner of Tornado Talk, Main writer, Social Media Manager

Jennifer is a Midwest girl, originally from Beech Grove, Indiana.  Her interest in weather came in middle school.  She was living in Central Florida at the time and became fascinated with hurricanes and tracked every storm on the tracking charts you get at the grocery store.  Jennifer graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Meteorology from Penn State University.   She has been working as a radio broadcast meteorologist for 20 years.  She began her career at the Weather Channel and currently works for The Storm Report Radio Network.  Jennifer provides daily forecasts for 50+ cities across the country.  She also provides severe weather coverage for a dozen stations including WIBW-Topeka, KMBZ-Kansas City and KNSS-Wichita.  Hobbies include:  volunteering with the special needs community and competitive tennis.

You can follow Jen on Twitter:  @jnarramore

Nick Wilkes

Guest Writer

Nick lives in Altoona PA.  He is a Skywarn Spotter for the NWS State College. He is pursuing a degree in GIS/Emergency Management at California University of Pennsylvania.  He is minoring in Meteorology.  Nick is the secretary of the CalU Meteorology Club for the 2019/2020 school year and Vice President for the CalU GIS Club.  When Nick was 2 years old he saw the tornado in the Wizard of Oz and immediately became fascinated with tornadoes.  He enjoys reading about tornadoes, whether its tornadotalk.com, articles on the AMS website, and the damage surveys, he checks the NWS Damage Assessment Toolkit on a daily basis to see if any damage surveys have been posted on there.  After seeing the many errors in the tornado database, he started his own database of tornadoes in Pennsylvania and has attempted to document every tornado in Pennsylvania since the first known tornado in 1724.  His goal is to work for the NWS after school.

You can follow Nick on Twitter: @nickwilkeswx

Tornado: "A rotating column of air, in contact with the surface, pendant from a cumuliform cloud, and often visible as a funnel cloud and/or circulating debris/dust at the ground."
- AMS Glossary