Tornado Talk aims to be your #1 source for tornado history. Join us on this on-going project to compile a user friendly and interactive database with tornado summaries, personal accounts, and video productions of major tornado events.


Jennifer Narramore

Jennifer graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Meteorology from Penn State University.  She has been working as a radio broadcast meteorologist for 20 years and currently works for The Storm Report Radio Network.  She provides daily forecasts and severe weather updates for 50+ cities across the country.  Hobbies include:  volunteering with Special Olympics, singing in church choir, competitive tennis.

You can follow Jen on Twitter:  @jnarramore

Brandon Molyneaux

Brandon has recently graduated from Millersville University with his B.S in meteorology. In spring 2016, Brandon participated on a field project titled TWIRL with the Center for Severe Weather Research, where he deployed pods near tornadoes to correlate the data collected with Doppler on Wheels (DOW) data.

You can follow Brandon on Twitter: @WxBDM

Tornado: "A rotating column of air, in contact with the surface, pendant from a cumuliform cloud, and often visible as a funnel cloud and/or circulating debris/dust at the ground."
- AMS Glossary